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May 27, 2020

Postponement of the next ISR Congress from 2021 to 2022

New Webpage of the ISR

Dear Presidents of the ISR,

I hope you and your members of the Society are fine and safe at this difficult time.

I am writing to tell you some important information. Please pass this on to the members of your society.

Because of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, the Board of the ISR has decided to postpone the ISR Centenary Congress from 2021 to 2022. We expect the Congress to take place at the same venue and in the same time period as was scheduled for 2021. More detailed information will be released later.

Of course, we hope the coronavirus pandemic itself will be over by next summer, but the consequences of it, such as more restricted travel, people’s financial hardship and nervousness are likely to continue for some time beyond the medical issues, and so the Board was unanimous in its decision to postpone. However, as 2022 is the centenary of Hermann Rorschach’s death, the new date will give us an opportunity to have a double commemoration of both his work and life.

Another important piece of news is that thanks to the hard work of Sadegh Nashat, our second Vice-President, the new ISR website is finally up and running, including the Members Only section. We will be soon in touch with you regarding the use of the Members Only section of the Website which will give you direct access to Rorschachiana and the electronic version of the Bulletin. We will inform you regularly on any updates via the website.

We are aware that some of the information is out of date on the website. I would like to invite you to check the information regarding your society and send any changes to isrcontact@internationalrorschachsociety.com

You can access the site via www.rorschach.com or 


Best wishes,

Noriko Nakamura

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